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Check out a free transportation option for getting to Open Bible on Wednesdays!

Transportation Ministry at Open Bible

NOTE: All service and ministries are currently postponed or cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19 precautions in place. Please visit our Covid-19 Update page to see a list of available ministries and service times. Thank you for your understanding.

At Open Bible we want to help everyone get to church where they can grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus. The church transportation ministry is geared towards picking up kids and teens for the Wednesday midweek ministries of Open Bible. However, the whole family is invited to ride to church. Kids and teen ministries include games, singing, competitions and Bible lessons. To learn more about our various ministries click HERE.

We would love to pick up you and your family! The transportation ministry runs every Wednesday night in the community of Aylmer, ON. Riding is FREE! To request a ride to church, complete the request form below.

Your First Ride

Here's what to expect when riding for the first time:

First, you will need to complete the ride request form below. You will then be contacted by a leader who will set up arrangements for those in your family who wish to ride. Riders can expect to be picked up between the times of 6:15 PM and 6:45 PM on Wednesdays.

Upon requesting to ride for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information (NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone):

  • Parent/guardian name(s)
  • Child's name
  • Child's birthdate
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your children

Riders will then be pick up at a designated time and taken to Open Bible Baptist Church. The duration of the kids and teen ministries are one hour (7 PM to 8 PM). Kids and teens who ride without parents/guardian will be supervised throughout the evening.

Riders can expect to be dropped off between 8:15 PM and 8:45 PM. Kids and teens who ride without a parent/guardian must have an approved adult at their house for drop off.

Request a Ride

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Transportation Ministry experience or visiting Open Bible with children, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!